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Happy Saturday!

This weekend, i'm devoting my time to the boring things in life.. spring cleaning, washing and bill paying - so i thought i'd write a cheeky post to keep me sane!

Over the past few weeks, me and a few friends have decided to start looking into selling on Etsy, the plan is to sell digi's and a few cards. It's not really about the money, but a reason to motivate me to be create - like this blog!

About a month ago we attended a seminar about how it all works, we got so much helpful advice and met some lovely creative people! We are officially NEWBEE's! In terms of the shop, i've managed to secure a name, and from here it's all about research and the artwork.

Here's me, looking rather unattractive... I guess this is my 'thoughtful' face...

Last Thursday I attended the Etsy Manchester Supplies Swap - which was really good! I recently cleared out my craft stash when i revamped my craft space, so i didn't think i'd have much to swap - but boy was i wrong! I had bits of yarn, fabric and mainly card blanks etc. that were neither use nor ornament and i think they went down a storm!

Here are the bits and bobs that i managed to get my mitts on, I'm not entirely sure what to do with the fabric or feathers for that matter... i love a challenge!

I'm off to make a card with my lovely new Amy Tangerine paper stack! <3


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