Sew rude

Hello all!

This week, me and my crafty pal Betty had a lovely date with cross stitch legend Katherine Beefheart

Betty spotted the event on Instagram a few weeks before, [she's rather good at that!] and the bonus - it was FREE! The entire evening was a winner from the word go... creative cursing in the form of cross stitch, cocktails, free pizza and burlesque!

Half a dozen of us got stuck into the pattern Katherine provided, and we were encouraged to go with the flow - note my change of cuss words! I'm pleased to say that i actually finished the piece within the allotted time!

I plan to frame this one, and create a few more - hopefully trying more elaborate stitches as i go! I think my friends and family need to prepare themselves for a landslide of cursing cross stitch gifts. Although i think i'll hang fire for the christening next weekend...

:) N x


  1. Such an awesome evening! Love your finished piece :) This workshop has definitely inspired me to be more sweary and to not be so afraid of stitching lettering, it looks so good when you have a chart to follow rather than just making it up :P x

    1. I know, i had a great time! I often jump head first into stitching, but think i'd benefit from pre-planning the design! X