Here comes the bride...

What a lovely Sunday, spent perusing The Secret Vintage Wedding Fair in The Holden Art Gallery. Especially as it meant i got to see the gorgeous Dottydoo stand in all its splendour! Vicky is so talented - and this level of creativity and perfection comes naturally to her! *Grrr*

Which begs the question, why am i skulking about at wedding fairs? Well, I'm proud to say that I will be marrying my childhood sweetheart in 2016. This very recent announcement happened when I inherited my Nan's engagement ring and what could be more perfect or sentimental.

This is the perfect opportunity for me to flex my creative muscles, as i'm hoping to make as much as possible for the big day! Thus far i have a colour scheme, a potential venue and a date!

 I hope you like.
 All ideas/advice welcome for the big day!
 N x


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