Hello blogsville,

I'm excited to finally share some handmade crafts for our upcoming wedding! 
[53 days and counting...]

I wanted to use my skill set to add that special touch to a few details in the wedding scheme, so far I've made my invitations, handmade custom decorations including a 3D guestbook and I have plenty more tricks up my sleeve...

It's in this very overdue post that i'd like to share my hand-embroidered table numbers! The 6" hoops have been sprayed gold, I freehand embroidered the numbers in coral and embellished with sparkly thread to make the numbers pop! I finished each hoop with gold and coral sequins and backed with white felt for a professional finish. 
[Note to self - hot glue guns and wine aren't a winning combination]

Here's the full collection together, shot by my very talented friend Nat, and some close ups to show the some of the detail. I hope you like, I can't reveal how I'm presenting them until the big day!

Keep your eyes peeled for more wedding spoilers! 
N x


  1. These are gorgeous and such a brilliant idea. If I were a guest I couldn't wait for the big day to see what else you had in store :) These are the things that just make weddings special. Xx

  2. Thanks Ruth, it's so nice to know they were worth the effort! <3