Be mine...

Evening all!

Papercraft Essentials 130 goes on sale today, and I'm lucky enough to have featured in this fabulous issue! My challenge was to use the loved-up Pebbles Be Mine collection for everyday projects, although it's since served me well to make a special Valentine's card for my betrothed!

Featuring cute icons and bold patterned papers, this range has everything you need to make cards for loved-ones of all ages. Here's a sneak peek of the fun cards I made for this issue - including a mug-shaped card all about tea! [Always Yorkshire tea.]

I hope you like! <3
N x


  1. I love the tea cup! It's so clever - I'm an Earl/Lady Grey tea in the morning and Yorkshire at 11am ;) xx

  2. Thanks Ruth! I don't drink coffee so tea is my everything! I like your routine, very organised! :) xx