Snuggly snood

Good evening all!

It's safe to say we are well into Autumn, which i think is my favourite month! So far we've had many days of early morning sunshine and a touch of frost in the air which is a winning combination when walking to work!

A lovely colleague gave me a ball of Mondial Express wool in a stunning mustard blend, the concept being that you knit the snood or scarf with your arms!

As always, I broke the rules and decided to knit the yarn with my biggest needles for a closer knit. I like the 'baggy' snood look but really wanted something closer to the neck. I took a gamble and knit the full ball on size 20 needles starting with 7 stitches wide... then soon realised that it would end up looking more like a pillow front!

*Unravel*... Restarting with only 5 stitches gave me the extra length I needed to complete the snood! I decided to finish the snood by darning the opposite ends together to give a natural fold in finished piece. I do love a project that comes together in an evening.

Ta Da! I hope you like :)


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